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The Only Marketing Platform for Connected Television
The TV landscape is changing, are you? ColorTV helps marketers connect with audiences on Connected TV. Combining real-time analytics and data, we help you target and reach TV audiences better than any other buying platform.
Solutions Powering the Future of TV
Our powerful and lightweight SDK provides an automation suite for developers to address all of your marketing needs. Measure the performance of your app with our analytics, monetize using our ads designed for the most native user experience, acquire users to facilitate the growth of your app with our Open Marketplace and provide content recommendations in-app to maximize the time users spend in your app – all for free.
Grow Your Audience on TV
The ability to target specific audiences and demographics has always been impossible on traditional television, we are here to change that.
Analytics That Matter

In a business that relies heavily on user consumption and adoption, having rich insights is key to staying competitive. Our SDK includes a Business Intelligence suite of analytics that is FREE for developers to use. Create Reports, view User Cohorts and know more about your users in real-time.

Connect With Your TV Audience Like Never Before
Extensive Targeting Reaching your ideal audience was impossible on traditional TV. We supply you with the ability to target on TV like you have been accustomed to on Mobile and Desktop.
Engage Your Audience Our innovative ad units were designed to enable real-time interaction from your target audience with the capability to drive campaigns for phone calls, emails, app installs and branding goals.
Maximize Your Investment Spending on TV has always been inefficient with the lack of insight into performance metrics for campaigns. Our data-driven reporting amplifies the value of your dollar so that you can do more with less.
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